Anti-Macron cartoon compared to the antisemitism of the 1930s.

It amounted to a twitter post posted by Francois Fillon’s campaign team, designed to highlight Macron’s communist associations by referral to some of the most recent figures who’ve publicly declared their support for the leader of En Marche!  The post was immediately compared to the antisemitism of the thirties, which was a distinct aspect of a wider far right reaction that got underway in France circa 1899.

This reactionary movement found voice in various associations such as L’Action Francaise, and was triggered by  the deep divisions caused by the Dreyfus Affair. The French historian Henri Rousso, argues that the Dreyfus Affair didn’t cause division, but was just another occasion in which the divisions reaching all the way back to 1789, bubbled to the surface. This interpretation forms a part of Rousso’s wider thesis of a ”guerre franco – francaise”(a French civil war); a muted battle between warring factions formed within French political society ever since the Revolution, that contemporary political events consistently expose as unresolved, and ever-present.

Anyway, here’s the twitter post.

La verite sur la galaxie Macron
In the center is Macron, cutting his cigar with the Communist sickle. If you type ‘Macron es..’ into, the first auto-suggestion reads “Macron est-il juif?’.






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