Promoting the Macron brand

Apolitical Fan

The popular politician’s campaign is a choice example of how modern day democracy works. In France now too.

According to Régis Debray, the French philosopher and Marxist turned Republican, who was an adviser to Mitterand, and later a key proponent of the headscarf ban, there is an important distinction to be made between a republic and a democracy. In 1989, when France’s headscarf dilemma originally surfaced, Debray argued that a democracy was obsessed with business, advertising, and the media. ‘Opinion is the law’, he asserted, and ‘money is sacrosanct’. Debray insisted that while a republic is concerned with developing its institutions; a democracy is solely interested in communication. He took his theory further in L’obscenité démocratique, published in 2008, explaining that in democracies, it is all about the image, and the use of theatrical techniques to convey messages. For Debray these ‘democratic’ tendencies are ruinous to a society built around…

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